How To Correctly Do A Wedding Sparkler Send-Off or Sparkler Exit

Posted on December 03 2017

How To Correctly Do A Wedding Sparkler Send-Off or Sparkler Exit
 Professional Wedding Designer, By Luciana
Wedding Sparkler send-offs are an amazing way to finish for an already perfect evening filled with friends and family. There are several things to consider for a magical sparkler exit if you want to make it flawless. So let’s begin, here’s how to do a wedding sparkler send-off that any bride and groom will want to remember forever.
The Best Wedding Sparkler Send-Off or Wedding Exit will do this: 
1. Make sure the wedding venue permits a wedding sparkler exit. This is a must. Great news is Wedding Sparklers can be safe and easily manageable. Most venues, which occur outdoors or have a dedicated area will gladly allow a sparkler send-off and even help manage the wedding sparkler exit.
2. Our best advice is to choose the 36” premium gold wedding sparklers. Plan on giving each guest two sparklers each but instruct them to only light one at a time. This way, they can light the second one off of the first as it nears the end.
 3. Allow at least two weeks before your wedding day to purchase. We suggest purchasing extra for wedding photos when the bride and groom are alone to write messages like “LOVE”. And only the Dream Wedding Store sales smokeless wedding sparklers.

4. Make sure you include in your shopping several torch lighters. Matches require two hands to light, burn down quickly and are difficult in wind. If you give a torch lighter to every sixth or seventh person you should be fine. Wedding Sparklers light much faster off the torch lighters allowing the bride and groom more time to exit, and guest more time to form the wedding sparkler exit line.

Make sure your wedding photographer is prepared to shoot for a Wedding Sparkler Exit. This requires minimal planning on his part, but you don’t want to miss once of the most magical moments of your wedding night!

 If you don't have a wedding planner on the wedding evening, give the wedding sparklers and lighters to your wedding DJ and have him/her hide them until 30 minutes from the end of the night. Instruct your maid/matron of honor to pick them up and along with the bridal party make their way to the exit area.

7. Purchase only the premium grade gold wedding sparklers from a professional wedding source like at Luciana is the owner of The Dream Wedding Store and a seasoned wedding professional designer and stylist who understands how to create safe, magical weddings.
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