How to choose the correct Wedding Sparklers

Posted on agosto 13 2017

How to choose the correct Wedding Sparklers

There are many ways to take amazing wedding sparkler photos but there are a few things you need to know first. Wedding or event sparklers are longer than usual ones and do not produce too much smoke. Try ignite one sparkler at a time and see how is goes. Check ordinances to make sure you don’t brake any laws and everybody is safe. When your wedding day comes, ask you photographer to do a couple of shoots. See our gallery of for great sparkler photo ideas & tips!


TIP #1: Choose The Correct Wedding Sparklers

Safety first, please make sure you get the correct wedding sparklers. Make sure to purchase event approved sparklers, not your standard birthday variety. Incorrect wedding sparklers can cause serious burns and they burn fast so you will not be able to capture the photo. Opt for the 20 " wedding sparklers or longer and check your local regulations of all firework varieties to make sure all rules are followed and everyone stays safe.

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TIP #2: Practice And Test

Work with your photographer to create a list of shots you’d want to take. Practice a few of the poses before your wedding day. On the wedding day, light a few wedding sparklers and work with your photographer to make sure he/she get the exposure and composition right.

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TIP #3: Make It Romantic

The most memorable photos happen when true emotions are shown. Lock lips in the middle of the wedding sparkler show. This will allow your photographer to take multiple photos, adjust compositions and of course focus!
Keep it super romantic.

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TIP #4: Ask Guests To Make Some Light

We recommend you to ask guests to burn wedding sparklers right before the ceremony or in a moment of exit. It will bring some fun to the event, make it more festive and, of course, photos for your album will be great! You will get the best shoots if you ask guest make an arch figure with sparklers.

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