Reviews from our Brides and Grooms


Your sparklers were FANTASTIC. They lasted so long and looked so good in photos! And the price was unbeatable!! I’m so happy to share some photos with you!

Thank you for making our send off so magical!"

Tori Del Monte

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for a great product! My sister is getting married next year and we will definitely be ordering again!

Thank you,"
Kayla Virgi

"Loved them!!! We’re perfect! Lasted long enough to walk down the aisle of people and take pictures! Would highly recommend to anyone!! "

Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse

Awesome sparklers, great price. They made the wedding so much better!!!



"Wow, thank you so much! I have a cousin who is planning her wedding, and I’m sure she would love to order sparklers from you. They turned out amazing for my wedding. 

I attached a picture from my October 2018 wedding. "


"Thank you so much for making our day extra special! "

Shanique Emmanuel Wilkinson

Elaine Toledo

Hi there,

 I really enjoyed working with you for the wedding in 2017.  We got sparklers from you and it made our exit phenomenal.  Please see the attached photo.


Tom Pasquini

I really enjoyed our sparkler exit at our wedding using the sparklers we purchased from your store. They were very easy to light and stayed lit for at least 3 minutes. Thank you!

Tamara Rhodes