Wedding Party Poppers Large (12 pack)


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      Nothing spreads the joy like confetti! Now, tossing rice is replaced by extra large Wedding Poppers from the Dream Wedding Store! These poppers are big, biodegradable and fun!" When you've got something to celebrate, give your guests the perfect alternative to rice before you rush from the reception to your honeymoon. The Dream Wedding Store Poppers are easy to use and fabulous in photos! All guests can participate by launching biodegradable tissue-paper confetti into the air by a safe, spring-loaded device. The perky popper wrapper, which gives guests instructions for use, shows a cartoon bride and groom holding hands, surrounded by festive confetti, with the words "Wedding Poppers" overhead.  Measuring 4 1/4" h x 1 1/2" in diameter, the poppers are sold in sets of 12.

      Price is for a pack of 12

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